2016 yoga mat top ten brands list

Update:12 Dec 2016

1, Hatha Yoga Hatha Yoga from 2011 after the brand infl […]

1, Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga from 2011 after the brand influence to enhance the momentum of rapid, high-end product positioning, product coverage, the main supply channel also used a global multi-channel procurement, products from the United States and Germany production line, which in the domestic brand In the first case.

2, blue bird yoga

Jade Bird Yoga is the old sports yoga brand, is China's top ten yoga mat brand ranking list brand, product positioning in the end market, price and product quality are superior, by the independent production base of domestic production technology.

3, esoteric yoga

Upanishads Yoga is the rapid rise in the tide of e-commerce emerging brand, cost-effective and new products to push the speed of the popular brand. But in the supply channel, or more use of domestic production lines.

4. Jie Pusen

Yoga clothing known for yoga supplies brand, yoga cost-effective, mainly for the mid-market, product sales have always been good. Production plants are located in Zhejiang area, production process more reliable.

5, Easyoga

Easyoga is the transformation of Taiwan's Xu Rong Group, Xu Rong Group, the main clothing production, with a good foundation of the Chinese production line. Easyoga clothing styles and good quality, but also for high-end market. Easyoga, also known as Seth Bo, the production is mainly concentrated in its own local resources market in Taiwan.

6, Yuanyang yoga

The old brand of domestic brands, products cover a wide range, and cost-effective. In its mature sales channels to promote, the products cover the national market. Its clothing is used to supply the foundry model, yoga mats and other products of the factory are located in Guangdong area.

7, Pierre Yoga

And Yuanyang yoga tit for tattooed domestic brand, the founding of the brand and Yuanyang are in Beijing, the main advantage is that yoga clothes style update speed. Its product quality is good. Supply channels and Yuanyang yoga is also very similar, are located in the Guangdong area.

8, where the holy yoga

Where the name of St. Yoga Fashion, is also the main brand in Europe and the United States one of the brand line style, although the foreign style, but the product procurement and production channel is 100% Made in China. Factories and many domestic brands share production lines, product quality is very good.

9, Kazakhstan Vatican

Kazakhstan Vatican yoga is mainly used in the network to sell one of the yoga brand. Its advantage lies in the product price is cheap, the product quality is reliable. Because the use of a mature domestic production line, so the user can still be assured purchase.

10, E Nair

E Nair and Fan Sheng yoga the same, the use of European and American style design products. Especially in the style of yoga clothes is bold to adopt a lot of sexy elements. However, and where the same St., the procurement of its products are in the country.