5 major misunderstandings using foam rollers

Update:26 Jan 2019

1. Scrolling too fast Using a foam roller does not allo […]

1. Scrolling too fast
Using a foam roller does not allow you to quickly dump the dumplings. You want to cause changes in muscle function, but this effect does not happen immediately. If you find a tender point, stay on it for 20 seconds or longer, then slowly roll until you find the next tender point.
2. "Roll" in the gym
Contrary to popular belief, the gym should only be used for training. The gym is a place for you to work hard to relax with this tool while you are at home during your break. Foam roller is not an exercise, nor an effective warm-up method, it is a physical therapy.
3. You contracted your muscles
Focus on relaxing your muscles, letting the rollers sink and reaching deeper muscle fibers; don't over-focus your body posture or shape. Your body is not under load at this time, so the calibration position is not important. Hang your body on the roller in any suitable way, relax and let the roller finish work.
4. Ignore the end of the muscle
To get the most out of the foam roller, you need to get the muscle close to its insertion point. These areas are easier to reach with a roller with a rough surface than a roller with a smooth surface.