Buy yoga mat should pay attention to the following points

Update:19 Sep 2017

    Length should not be shorter than the height, width […]

    Length should not be shorter than the height, width can not be narrower than the shoulder width.
   Thickness of about 6mm, too thin mats in contact with the ground when the joints will feel pain, too thick will affect the stability of standing action. (In general, beginners choose 7MM yoga mat more moderate)
   Observe the elasticity of yoga mats. Hand pinching yoga mat, such as feeling the fingers are easy to pinch together to prove that the yoga mat is too soft, so that even if the thick yoga pad, joints such as knee contact with the ground when the pain will be hurt. Such as yoga mat is not very good, our fragile skin can not accept, and easy to break, not easy to accept. Be sure to choose a good elastic, soft and hard moderate yoga mat to match your practice.
   Yoga mat uniformity. The yoga mat tiled, observe the degree of uniformity of the foam, if the foam uneven uneven surface, in the course of the use of easily damaged. If the foam bulge is broken, it can not be repaired.
   Heavy and moderate. Because yoga mat in a lot of time we need to carry, so try not to choose too heavy mat, in order to carry with you.
   The mat of the mattress, mattress tile with the palm of your hand pressing the mat and then push forward, if the mat on the ground sliding or hand sliding on the pad, indicating that the mat of the slip resistance is not very good. There may be unnecessary damage in the course of practice, such mat should be used with caution.
   The most widely used is the TPE and PVC two yoga mats. The advantages of these two are in line with national environmental standards, can be recycled, will not cause pollution to the environment, which TPE on the human body the most environmentally friendly, and no smell.
   Choose yoga mat is the most important point to be soft, paste, tiled when the grip to be strong, sweating can not slide, it is best to carry. Followed by a better waterproof, non-slip performance.