Comparison of TPE yoga mats and PVC mats.

Update:22 Dec 2018

TPE Yoga mats have insurmountable advantages over PVC m […]

TPE Yoga mats have insurmountable advantages over PVC mats
(1) Non-toxic, PVC-free, metal-free, non-irritating.
(2) Natural oxidative cracking, which can be recycled and avoid environmental pollution.
(3) Soft, affixed, tiling the ground, the entire mat can hold the ground and grab the ground.
(4) Lightweight, each mat is about 1200g weight, about 300g lighter than PVC foam mat, easy to carry and collect;
(5) Waterproof, non-slip, even if the soles of the feet and palms are sweating, doing yoga exercises on the top, the anti-slip effect is still excellent. The anti-slip particles are beautiful on the front and back, and the anti-slip effect is better.
(6) Good elasticity and strong resilience. Although it has a thickness of 4-6mm and a strong resilience, doing yoga on it, you will feel soft and comfortable, and you will not feel thin at all. It won't harden for a long time.
(7) Two colors, positive and negative, add aesthetics.