Correct understanding of yoga supplies

Update:12 Dec 2016

To be good at work, must first of its profits. Do anyth […]

To be good at work, must first of its profits. Do anything to have a good tool, so to help you better achieve their goals. Practice yoga Although the auxiliary supplies of the request is not high, but the correct understanding and use of these things, you can make your practice easier.

Yoga mat:

Yoga mat is a yoga practice when the auxiliary supplies. Tile the yoga mat on the ground, you can prevent the spine, ankle, hip, knee and other parts of the bumps. Yoga mat to use non-toxic, tasteless, good elasticity of the product. With the palm of your hand gently push the mat surface, there must be a dry feeling, if the pad surface foam agent residue is too slippery feeling, then in practice for the above will be easy to slip, fall. First do yoga practitioners, can choose a thick mat, such as 6mm thick; have a certain basis can choose thickness of about 3.5mm-5mm yoga mat.

Yoga clothes:

A dress worn while practicing yoga. Selection of yoga clothes must be based on comfort, the best loose, in addition to have a good air permeability.

Yoga Bricks:

Is a yoga practice to do when the auxiliary products. Do some yoga basic movements, such as the former song-shaped hand out of reach when you can use brick transition; do half-moon, to grasp the balance is not stable enough, you can use brick transition.

Yoga ball:

Is a modern popular fitness products. Through exercise can improve people's flexibility, balance, improve posture, enhance heart and lung function. Generally according to their height and needs, choose different sizes of yoga balls.


Is doing yoga exercises when an auxiliary product. Such as half-sided, two-handedly out of reach, you can use the extension belt transition; do dance style, the hands and feet can not reach enough to stretch with the transition.

Shop towels:

Shop towels and yoga mats to be used in conjunction with the above shop mat, play soft, absorbent effect.

In the purchase of the above items, do not map cheap, or find something similar to their replacement, the fire hook will never replace the golf club. Since the choice of yoga, then let their professional together.