Do I need to use a yoga towel when using a tpe yoga mat?

Update:20 Dec 2019

In modern times, yoga is already a very popular fashion […]

In modern times, yoga is already a very popular fashion sport. Many people also know that yoga mats are needed when doing yoga, but it is easy to overlook that it is not enough. Yoga itself is good for health, but if you don't pay attention to sports hygiene, it will be counterproductive. So is it necessary to use yoga towels for tpe yoga mats? It is recommended that you use it with conditions or better.
1 1. Spread on a yoga mat to absorb sweat. (You must know that when doing yoga, the body will emit a lot of sweat and drip on the yoga mat, which causes uncomfortable sticking. At this time, you can use this super absorbent cloth to spread on the yoga mat to effectively absorb sweat.
2. Prevent the inhalation of bacteria on tpe yoga mats. When doing yoga, prevent certain facial movements from approaching the yoga mats and inhaling bacteria or dust mites.
3. The unique capillary adsorption effect of ultrafine fibers makes the fabric have the characteristics of fast water absorption and quick drying.
4. There are non-slip rubber particles on the back, which can fix the towel on the tpe yoga mat without sliding, effectively assist the stretching and balance of yoga, and improve the safety and comfort of the exercise. During the exercise, the bumps of the rubber particles have a good massage effect on the soles of the feet and the back, and promote blood circulation.
5. Lightweight, versatile and easy to carry.
6. Machine washable for easy cleaning.