How do beginners choose yoga mats?

Update:12 Sep 2017

Yoga can not only exercise, but also make people's mood […]

Yoga can not only exercise, but also make people's moods become calm and distant, especially in the city inside the white-collar workers, more easily because of too much pressure caused by restlessness. Therefore, practicing yoga is the best sport. But how can yoga do not practice yoga mat? Beginners to buy yoga mat for the first time to note: no smell, to smooth, do not slip, not easy to break, good flexibility.
1, smell it. In the purchase of the time required to open a new yoga mat, smell whether there is smell, smell too heavy or a long time is not desirable, it is recommended to beginners to the best shop to buy yoga mat.
2, to be flat. The yoga pad on the ground, to be flat, if not flat will hinder the easy operation of yoga.
3, do not slip. Buy a mat, be sure to try the mat on the ground, gently push the mat, there must be a dry feeling, so easy to slip, grip strong. Avoid yoga mat surface foam agent residue too much, then there will be a sense of wet, is not conducive to practice safety.
4, not easy to break. Before buying a yoga mat, carry an eraser, use it to wipe the yoga mat to see if the material is easy to rupture, because the good yoga mat must be a certain compressive capacity, not easy to be torn.
5, good flexibility. Buy when the thumb and index finger pinch yoga mat, good pressure can better protect the human body. If it is beginner yoga, it is recommended to buy 6-8mm thick yoga mat, but do not need too thick to avoid the balance is not easy to sprain.