How do practitioners choose yoga mats?

Update:26 Sep 2017

   We are talking about the general practitioner is: pr […]

   We are talking about the general practitioner is: practice yoga for some time, yoga has a certain understanding, able to self-control yoga enthusiasts.
   General practitioners demand for yoga mats
   1, yoga mat to non-slip
   2, yoga mat to be comfortable
   3, yoga mat to be beautiful
   Material selection
   From the difference between pvc and tpe we see that tpe is more suitable for general practitioners
   From the tpe single layer and the difference between the two layers we see that the double layer is suitable for general practitioners
    There is no doubt that TPE double-layer yoga mat is the most suitable for a certain experience of yoga practitioners.
   Thickness selection
   You have a certain yoga practice experience after you will feel yoga mat too thick will practice on the yoga mat cause some difficulties, then we can not choose more than 8mm. But it can not be too thin, after all, we still need some protection. This is the best thickness we recommend 6mm
   Size selection
   1830 × 610mm; 1730 × 610mm conventional size can be, if there are other size requirements can also be selected according to their own needs. For specific reasons, please refer to the yoga mat size selection
   The choice of non - slip performance of yoga mats
   In the anti-skid aspects of the general practitioners have a higher demand, which is we can choose relatively non-slip mat tpe material and double anti-crack network design, which is more suitable for yoga practitioners non-slip and beautiful needs.