How to choose the size of the yoga mat? How to choose a yoga mat?

Update:09 May 2018

The size of theYoga mat is recommended to use 6mm, the […]

The size of theYoga mat is recommended to use 6mm, the domestic size is 173X61; it is recommended to buy more than 1300 grams of mat.
1. Use a thumb and index finger to pinch a yoga mat and try out the pressure resistance. A good elasticity yoga mat is more protective to the human body.
2. Take an eraser with you before you buy it. Use it to wipe the yoga mat. Try to see if the material is easily broken.
3, with the palm of your hand gently push the surface of the mat, there must be a dry feeling, if the mat surface foaming agent residual there will be a slippery feeling, then do exercise in the above easy to slip, fall.
4, yoga practitioners can choose to use a thick mat, such as 6mm thick; there is a certain basis can choose thickness 3.5mm-5mm yoga mat.
5, compared to traditional yoga mats made of PVC, mixed natural latex and hemp green yoga mats, although the price is slightly higher, but the human body and the environment will be better. When the economy allows, consider.