How to choose yoga mats?

Update:10 Oct 2017

   From the yoga mat material point of view, the use of […]

   From the yoga mat material point of view, the use of natural latex, natural rubber and other natural materials, yoga mat soft and flexible, common TPE, PVC, EVA, several kinds of natural rubber.
   1. Take a yoga mat first do not open, with the nose smell the top of the mat to see if there is pungent taste! General good yoga mat will not have too much flavor! Open to two hours after the release of trace The taste of the distribution! If after a long time, the taste is still not cleared, then it is possible that the quality of the mat, but off! Long time use will cause harm to the body.
   2.If you are very sinking, it may not be PVC foam technology, but the accumulation of raw materials! (Usually about 2.5 kg, yoga mat is 1.5 kg) PVC foam technology,
Excellent flexibility, stepped up will soon be restored to the original state, and other technology, stepped on for a long time are not playing! The gap between the process, that is, one of the biggest price gap.
   3. After opening a closer look at work, whether fine, touch the ground side is not anti-slip design.
   4.With the palm of your hand gently push the surface of the yoga pad, there must be a dry feeling, if the yoga pad surface foam agent residue there is a feeling of slippery, then the above practice will be easy to slip, fall. High-grade PVC yoga mat, just started above a layer of antibacterial layer, out of the sweat will find some slippery, but do not worry, this layer gradually receded, the anti-slip effect is revealed.