How to clean the yoga mat

Update:29 Aug 2017

Although the yoga mat with a good material, flexible, s […]

Although the yoga mat with a good material, flexible, specifically for the practice of yoga people prepared, but because the surface has a lot of non-slip patterns and particles, many beginners do not know how to clean yoga mat. Here to tell you about how the yoga mat and its yoga mat maintenance methods.
Prepare a special towel for washing yoga mats, a washbasin, detergent, and the right amount of water.
1, into the basin inside into the amount of water, add the right amount of washing liquid, stirring evenly.
2, will be dedicated to wash the yoga mat of the towel into the water inside soaked safe, wet towel after wringing dry.
3, with a towel back and forth to wipe yoga mat, positive and aspects should be wiped, the yoga mat dirt and perspiration are wiped clean.
4, then wash the basin of detergent water into water, the towel washed, continue to use a clean towel back and forth to wipe the yoga mat on both sides, until the yoga mat on the detergent wipe clean just fine.
If you practice yoga regularly, it is recommended to wash the yoga mat once every other week. If the mat is useless for a long time, it becomes very dirty, it is necessary to use a large container, filled with cold water, pour a little detergent, into the mat, while scrubbing with a towel, while rushed clean. Remember to rinse clean, to avoid the residual detergent powder yoga mats slip. After cleaning, with a dry towel to roll up the mat, dry excess water, open the mat, place in a cool and ventilated place to dry.