How to get rid of the smell of a yoga mat?

Update:23 May 2018

When used for the first time, after the package is disa […]

When used for the first time, after the package is disassembled, wipe with a wet towel and clean water in a ventilated place to dry (or not wipe), pvc is generally 2-3 days; tpe is generally about 1 day; linen can be dispersed in about 1 day Most of the taste.
The smell of yoga mats is not necessarily harmful, as long as the first-line brand yoga mats purchased in the formal channels are generally not a problem!
Buy instruction: Try to buy a first-line brand yoga mat to avoid the party to buy inferior products
The environmental protection of yoga mats for yoga supplies:
The safety of yoga mats has always been a big problem. Practicing yoga is either for slimming or for strengthening health. You can't do unnecessary harm to your body because of yoga mats. So buying a healthy and environmentally friendly yoga mat is especially important.
What kind of Yoga mat is a safe and environmentally friendly yoga mat (nontoxic)
To produce a fully environmentally safe (non-toxic) yoga mat we need to meet the conditions:
1, material: to ensure the purity of the material does not contain any impurities and contaminants! (pvc, tpe, linen, rubber)
2, additives: the use of environmentally friendly non-toxic additives!
3, glue: using environmentally friendly glue.
4, foaming treatment: material foam processing to take strict quality control and the most advanced foaming process.
5. Process: Adopt strict standards and precise production process control
Only the yoga mats that satisfy the above conditions may be the most safe and non-toxic, but these can only be achieved by large manufacturers with strict quality control and standardized production management. Therefore, in summary, the purchase of Yoga mat still needs to be purchased by first-line manufacturers in China and through formal channels. You can buy a safe and environmentally friendly yoga mat
The environmental protection and safety of yoga mats of different materials
Cloth pad: usually made for himself or replace him with a towel
NBR: a combination of many substances, more difficult to degrade additives, very environmentally friendly
PVC: The material itself is safe and non-toxic, and the foaming agent used may produce harmful substances. (Please purchase brand products)
TPE: The material itself is safe and non-toxic, but the glue used may be toxic. (Please purchase brand products)
Linen: completely environmentally friendly materials
Rubber: completely environmentally friendly material.