Introduction of non-slip blankets and yoga mats

Update:28 Dec 2019

Use of non-slip blankets and yoga mats Material of yoga […]

Use of non-slip blankets and yoga mats
Material of yoga mat: mainly made of PVC and TPE, PVC is easy to wear, but the price is cheaper; TPE is more expensive, but more durable than dumplings. There are a variety of materials for making yoga mats, and the thickness of the product can better protect the knees and bodies of users. Yoga mats generally contain TPE materials, and PVC materials are general.
Material of yoga blanket: It is relatively soft, and the raw materials used are very absorbent. You can choose cotton or polyester as the raw material for yoga blanket. The use of such raw materials makes the yoga blanket need a good function of breathability and perspiration, especially when practicing yoga, it is often easy to sweat a lot. If the selected yoga blanket is made of smooth material, it is easy to slip during the practice. Injured.
What yoga blankets and mats have in common
In fact, yoga mat and yoga blanket are two kinds of objects used for yoga, but the difference between these two items is still relatively large. However, there is actually a complementary effect between the two. We can put the yoga mat on the ground first, and then place the yoga blanket on the yoga mat. The two can be used together to achieve their best. The best effect.