Is it necessary to buy a yoga towel?

Update:23 Nov 2019

Yoga towel is a kind that can be used in conjunction wi […]

Yoga towel is a kind that can be used in conjunction with PVC yoga mat. When doing yoga on it, it can reduce the contact with the yoga mat, make the yoga mat lasting and clean. The towel fabric is used, and the use of silicone to increase the slip resistance makes the use of the drape more stable.
The towel warp and weft yarns used are all grades of microfibers that are dyed evenly and durable. The seaming line is made of eight high-elastic polyester threads that are beautiful, strong and durable. The average manufacturer uses six or even four seaming lines and counterfeit polyester, and the edges are loose and easy to fall off.
Silicon dioxide
Alias: Silicone rubber, a highly active adsorbent material, non-toxic and tasteless, chemically stable, in addition to strong alkali, hydrofluoric acid reacts with any substance outside, it has many other similar materials difficult to replace: high adsorption performance, The thermal stability is good, the yoga mat is chemically stable and has high mechanical strength.

Silica gel is a biomaterial used in cosmetic surgery. It has good compatibility with non-irritation, no irritation to human tissues, no toxicity, no allergic reaction, and few rejection reactions. It has good physical and chemical properties. It can maintain its original elastic gold and softness during body fluid and tissue contact, and is not degraded.
1. Spread on a yoga mat to absorb sweat. (Be aware that when doing yoga exercises, the body will discharge a lot of sweat and drip on the yoga mat.
If the paste is uncomfortable, use this highly absorbent cloth to spread on the yoga mat to effectively absorb the sweat.
2. Prevent the inhalation of bacteria on the yoga mat to prevent certain facial movements from approaching the yoga mat and inhaling bacteria or dust mites when doing yoga.
3. The capillary adsorption effect of the ultra-fine fiber makes the fabric have the characteristics of fast water absorption and fast drying.
4. There are anti-slip rubber particles on the back, which can make the cloth towel fixed on the mat without sliding, effectively supporting the stretching and balance of yoga movement.
Improve sports safety and comfort. During the movement, the unevenness of the rubber particles has a good massage effect on the sole of the foot and the back, and promotes blood circulation.
5. Lightweight, versatile and easy to carry.
6. Machine washable and easy to clean. It is a fairly stable inert substance.