Is the Frisbee of the Ultimate Frisbee different from the general Frisbee?

Update:11 May 2019

Different. The ultimate frisbee movement emphasizes con […]

The ultimate frisbee movement emphasizes confrontation, and the Taiwan region translates into a competition, and the mainland becomes the ultimate frisbee. Therefore, the ultimate Frisbee emphasizes the stability and texture of Fetion in size and structure.
The depth and weight of the disc also have certain requirements.
The texture of the ordinary Frisbee is not good, depending on the plastic material used by the manufacturer. At the same time, some additives are also important, and both color and hardness are affected.
In addition, the mold is also critical, which has a crucial impact on the shape of the Frisbee.
Not all Frisbees are called Ultimate Frisbee, and Ultimate Frisbee has international standards.