Massage ball related introduction.

Update:13 Oct 2018

Made of PVC material, it is flexible, flexible, safe an […]

Made of PVC material, it is flexible, flexible, safe and comfortable. Long-term exercise, good health The tentacles on the surface of the sphere massage your skin, stimulate the nerve endings, promote blood circulation, relax nervous nerves, enhance the flexibility of the body, improve balance, consume excess fat, and create a charming body. Enjoy unique fun.
Chinese medicine comments on fitness ball function:
First, dredge the meridians, regulate blood and blood. The human body's internal organs, limbs, facial features, flesh, meridians and other meridians constitute an important physiological function, that is, transporting blood to all parts of the body, nutrition and body.
Second, inline dirty, enhanced function. Chinese medicine believes that between the palm and the internal organs of the human body, through the meridians, nerves, blood vessels, etc., the two are closely linked, according to the special internal relationship between the internal organs and the hands and feet, the palm of the hand can be adjusted with the palm of the hand. Balanced yin and yang, enhance the function of the organs, improve the viscera and disorders, and achieve the purpose of fitness and treatment.
Third, exercise your finger strength and enhance your physical strength. Practice the fitness ball with both hands, each finger needs to exert force, play the rotation to coordinate, adhere to long-term exercise, the finger strength is obviously strengthened, and the physical strength will inevitably increase accordingly.
Fourth, active joints, eliminate pain. The iron ball is often used to prevent joint aging, and the fingers and elbows and shoulder joints are flexed and stretched, which have effects on various arthritis.
Fifth, Shujin Huoxue, heal the hemiplegia. For patients with mild stroke sequelae, ancient folks have the practice of turning walnuts and pedaling sticks, but the effect of using iron balls is better.
Sixth, regulate the nerves and improve sleep.