Reasons to choose a good yoga mat

Update:24 Mar 2018

As the most convenient and cost-effective way of fitnes […]

As the most convenient and cost-effective way of fitness, family fitness has become an increasingly popular sport. For home fitness equipment, yoga mats are definitely preferred. Yes, you can even have no sportswear, but no yoga mat is absolutely unnecessary.
But do you know? Not all yoga mats are real yoga mats. If you buy a bad yoga mat, you will have the following experience:
1. The smell is not good. Can always smell during exercise, body and clothes tend to smell after exercise

2. The anti-skid effect is poor. Can not fix the limb very well, it is easy to slide when exercising;

3. Difficult to clean. After a period of use, there will be dirty sweat, stains, and the surface becomes sticky and difficult to wipe;

4. easy to wear. Frequent rubbing with the body is easy to wear into potholes, and the body will stick to crumbs;