Rubber yoga mat cleaning method inventory.

Update:16 May 2018

Yoga is a sport that can be sculpted and can lose weigh […]

Yoga is a sport that can be sculpted and can lose weight. It often enhances Yoga's ability to control the body, as well as its softness. It is a very high level of improvement, especially in a society where urban life is under pressure and environmental pollution. Some fitness exercises are also good for your body. To practice yoga, you first need a weapon. That is the yoga mat. You can prevent yourself from falling. It is best for beginners to have a yoga mat. A friend asked, does the yoga mat need cleaning? The answer is a must. Now it will tell everyone how to clean the yoga mat.
Rubber yoga mats
1, to avoid long-term sun;
2, placed in a dark place during collection, avoid high heat;
3, regular cleaning;
How to clean the rubber Yoga mat When we do yoga personally, how much sweat and other debris will be left on the yoga mats will cause mildew after repeated use without cleaning; we recommend that you use it at least three times or use more than two intervals Week, wash again the day before use again to ensure cleanliness when you use a yoga mat. In order to keep the rubber yoga mat clean, the cleaning method is as follows:
1. Apply two drops of detergent to four bowls of water, spray on a yoga mat, and wipe with a dry cloth.
2, if the yoga mat is very dirty, you can also use a cloth on the detergent to gently wipe the yoga mat, then rinse with clean water, then use a dry towel rolled up a yoga mat, dry excess water. Finally, dry the yoga mat.
3. If the mat is very dirty, fill the bathtub with cold water and add detergent. The less detergent the better, because any residue will make the yoga mat become slippery. Then use a damp cloth to scrub the pad and rinse it clean. Use a large dry towel to roll up the yoga mat, blot dry excess water, and let it dry.
4, usually clean with water, and wipe the surface of the yoga mat with a towel.
5, yoga mats do not use a harder hair brush cleaning, will cause the surface film rupture and fluff.
The above is the method of cleaning the yoga mat. Through the above article, everyone should know that the yoga mat is often cleaned. The first one is for hygiene, and the second is to let the yoga mat have a longer service life. Cleaning the yoga mat It's best not to use detergents such as washing powder, because the washing will not remain in the yoga mat, and then when we do yoga, it is easier to slip, for the sake of safety, everyone is cleaning the yoga mat Use clear water. If you have stubborn dirt, you can refer to the above method.