Shi Yu will be the brilliant splendor of Chinese yoga plug in take-off wings

Update:12 Dec 2016

The World Yoga Conference (YYYY) is an industry event o […]

The World Yoga Conference (YYYY) is an industry event organized by the World Yoga Association, which is a major event in the yoga world.
Shi Yu is usually the yoga industry's largest, the strongest lineup, the latest creative activities, the media exposure of the industry's highest-end event. Participants from the local government, related enterprises, domestic and international yoga master, yoga business head, industry well-known scholars, industry experts, and professional yoga instructors, enthusiasts.

"World Yoga Competition" full name of "World Yoga Competition" (World Yoga Competition) is the World Yu Yuhui will be the most important part of attention. Finals will be a huge prize money, as the ambassador will be the World Yu will be, and get the theme of yoga yoga trip to the yoga.

2016 World Yu held in China, in response to all the way along the national strategy, we will place the World Yu-yu will be located along the way starting point: Fujian. And yoga fresh and beautiful echoes, the finals selected in the picturesque lotus hometown of Fujian Jianning. The World Yu-yu will be large-scale, thousands of yoga museum will be the main site visit, people yoga by nearly ten thousand yoga enthusiasts live performances, momentum and magnificent.