The difference between natural rubber yoga mat, TPE yoga mat and linen yoga mat.

Update:25 Apr 2018

First, natural rubber yoga mats and TPE Yoga mat which […]

First, natural rubber yoga mats and TPE Yoga mat which is better?
Material difference:
TPE Yoga Mat: It is a TPE foam material made in a single layer or double layer (double-layer tear-proof net)
Natural rubber yoga mat: Made of pure natural rubber made of yoga mat (usually one side with tear-proof net)
The difference in experience:
TPE Yoga Mat: Very suitable and very suitable for every movement of yoga mat.
Natural rubber pad: soft and comfortable coexistence, excellent user experience.
Tear resistance:
TPE Yoga Mat: The anti-tearing net in the middle of the yoga mat has very good tear resistance, so you don't have to worry about tearing.
Natural rubber pad: Due to the material, even if the tear-resistant net is used, it is relatively easy to tear. However, yoga is completely satisfactory.
Second, rubber yoga mat or linen is good?
Yoga mats are the mats that are used when practicing yoga. The types of yoga mats are generally divided into TPE foaming, PVC foaming, EVA, latex mats, and CBR mats. The yoga mat has uniform particles on the surface, full of air bubbles, soft hand feeling, non-toxic, odorless, non-slip, strong springback ability, and strong anti-tearing ability. It is an ideal choice for yoga practitioners. In addition, the yoga mat can effectively block the coldness of the ground, has a strong grip, has outstanding resilience, flatness, slip resistance, and human skin affinity.
This is a so far, in all anti-slip mats is considered the best anti-slip yoga mat, linen material was discovered by people in ancient times, linen material wear, moisture absorption, high temperature and other fine features.
1. Linen mat double-sided non-slip texture design, it also increases the effect of non-slip, can also prevent sweat slipping, strong sweat absorption effect
2. Brown mats are heavy in color and resistant to dirt, which reduces the shortcomings of girls who love beauty and make them more comfortable.
Patience rebound, do a variety of difficult actions do not have to fear slipping!
The perfect blend of flax and rubber, the classic of rebound and non-slip, is the favorite Yoga mat among yoga teachers, but because of the material, the weight is very heavy and the thickness of the linen mat is very thin, which is very suitable for senior practitioners in yoga. Should not cause harm.
And the linen mat can emit a very natural rubber smell. After several months of cutting and processing, the taste will not be dispersed. This is the judgment standard of rubber. Let's take a look at the detailed rubber yoga mat introduction!
The natural rubber pad has good ductility, high weight, no harm to the human body, and is a very high-end yoga mat. Some people compare the rubber pad as the royal family in a yoga mat.