The role of yoga bricks.

Update:29 Sep 2018

Yoga bricks are an aid for beginners and poorly flexibl […]

Yoga bricks are an aid for beginners and poorly flexible practitioners, helping to adjust posture and assist the body in achieving some movements. Wall tiles can help us support different parts of the body, avoiding the tension of beginners due to poor softness or insufficient muscle strength.
Yoga bricks are an aid to yoga. Wall tiles are mainly used to prevent strains when doing high-difficulty movements. Some movements in the Yoga position method require stretching the arm completely or touching the ground. Auxiliary bricks help beginners to stretch your pelvis. Then slowly adjust the distance between the yoga brick and the ground, and gradually complete the perfect movement of self-softness and extension. When doing some genre yoga exercises, in order to beg the absolute standard of action, use wall tiles to help with the action.