The role of yoga wheels in yoga aids

Update:04 Jan 2020

Back bend assist: Many people always feel that their sh […]

Back bend assist:

Many people always feel that their shoulders cannot be opened, the thoracic spine cannot be opened, and the back muscles of the body are very stiff. How to stretch it seems that the lumbar spine cannot be relieved, and the yoga wheel just fits the curve of the lumbar spine. The design can better help us open the chest cavity, massage the eye chasing and back muscles.

Dredge Meridians:

Yoga can use the body's asanas to clear the meridians, while the yoga wheel uses external tools to roll muscles to stimulate the meridians to clear the meridians.

Exercise core:

Many asanas in yoga are very demanding on core strength. You can use the yoga wheel to step your feet on the ground, and then make the yoga wheel roll back and forth to achieve the effect of exercising the core muscles. The vest line is most effective.

Assisted handstand:

Inverted is an asana that many yoga enthusiasts want to try, but it is easy to get injured and twisted to the neck by practicing alone. When using the yoga wheel, arms are locked forward while holding the wheel surface, and the shoulder blades are fixed. Do n’t worry. Unassisted question.

Exercise balance:

Balance is the most difficult to master in yoga. Every time I do asanas, I will shake and fall down. I ca n’t maintain balance when standing on the ground, let alone a round yoga wheel, but it is faster on the yoga wheel. To master the balance, may wish to try.