The smell of yoga mat

Update:24 Feb 2018

Smell must be toxic? Answer: No Flavors of linen yoga m […]

Smell must be toxic? Answer: No
Flavors of linen yoga mat
Odor source one: the taste of the material itself (non-toxic harmless). However, some small workshops use unqualified and even toxic raw materials to make huge profits. Such a yoga mat is toxic.
Odor source two: foaming agent used foaming material. As some small workshop equipment unskilled operation of the foaming agent is not complete, will produce toxic CH2O (formaldehyde) and NH3 (ammonia). (poisonous)
Smell source three: For double yoga mat need glue through the process, the smell comes from the glue used for bonding, some small workshops in order to save costs using some bad and harmful glue. (poisonous)
Is it safe to smell without smell? Answer: No
Yoga mat in the production process will be used foaming process or glue and yoga mat material taste of the province, which can take technical measures to minimize the odor to ensure that there is no smell or even make a sobering scent feeling. But there is no guarantee of non-toxic (actually often toxic).
Therefore, the absolute tasteless business promotion of environmental protection, the basic is false propaganda. At least now no first-line brand can be tasteless and absolutely environmentally friendly!