TPE yoga mat introduction

Update:15 Jun 2019

TPE Yoga mat introduction Yoga mats are laid on the und […]

TPE Yoga mat introduction
Yoga mats are laid on the underlying mat when practicing yoga. The materials of yoga mats are generally divided into TPE foam, PVC foam, EVA, latex mat, CBR mat and so on. The yoga mat has a uniform surface, full of bubbles, soft handfeel, non-toxic, odorless, non-slip, strong rebound, and strong tear resistance. It is an ideal choice for yoga practitioners. In addition, the yoga mat can effectively block the ground cold, strong grip, outstanding resilience, flatness, slip resistance, and human skin affinity. You can do some other fitness exercises on the top, suitable for children to play the mat, and use camping mats.

TPE yoga mat is the most environmentally friendly
TPE Yoga Mat is the most advanced yoga mat product in yoga mat products. It does not contain chloride, contains no metal elements, and is antistatic. Each mat is about 1200g, which is about 300g lighter than PVC foam mat. It is more suitable for carrying out. Generally, the thickness is 6mm-8mm.
Features: soft, compliant, strong grip - placed on any ground is relatively secure. Compared with the PVC mat, it weighs about 300 grams and is more convenient to carry around.