Tpe yoga mat yoga toweling method

Update:09 Nov 2019

When doing yoga exercise, you should not only pay atten […]

When doing yoga exercise, you should not only pay attention to the coordination of action styles, even the choice and use of yoga props such as yoga clothes yoga mats can not be taken lightly. Here is a detailed talk about the correct use of yoga towels.

1. The side with the particles facing up, so that the foot will not slip when it is stepped on, so the anti-slip is the primary function of the towel.
Everyone knows that the feet are the concentrated place of the acupuncture points of the human body. When practicing yoga, the feet and the particles on the tpe yoga mat are constantly in contact. Rubbing is equivalent to massaging, which can promote blood circulation and enhance physical fitness.
Conversely, if you put the particles down, just a layer of soft fabric, you can use the bath towel we usually use instead. Maybe you will say that the particles can be combined with the yoga mat, if it is only this function, When Kano produces yoga toweling, the particles do not need to be so fine, even 80% less will not slip.

2, keep warm during a big break
Whether it is summer or winter, we have at least 10 minutes of rest after practicing yoga. After the body has exercised, there is a lot of sweat. If you don't cover something, it is easy to get sick. At this time, the tpe yoga mat is soft. Covering your body, covering your body, you can absorb sweat and keep warm

3, other functions
(1) When practicing yoga, the knee is sore, you can fold the towel and put it underneath. Note that the face without particles touches the body.
(2) When doing some lying or lying on your back, the drape can be folded into strips to make your head. The neck is more comfortable
(3) Sweat, a yoga class, the basic body is watery, because the towel is a microfiber component. Very easy to absorb sweat, even if the particles are facing up, when you are doing the action, the sweat will be absorbed along the particles.