Ultimate Frisbee

Update:29 Mar 2019

The ultimate Frisbee competition was divided into two t […]

The ultimate Frisbee competition was divided into two teams with a total of 14 participants, with the Frisbee as the competitive content, the game was divided into 15 rounds.
The Ultimate Frisbee is a 7V7 competition between two teams on a large rectangular grass. (The number of players is usually flexible, it can be 5V5, 6V6, 7V7, and the ratio of male to female can also be determined by the situation of the two teams). There are long lines at both ends of the site, and the area outside the long line is called the scoring area (just like the football touchdown area), which is the scoring area. When the offensive player receives a frisbee (or runs) in the scoring area, it scores.
The ultimate Frisbee venue is similar to the football field, and the rectangular lawn is ideal, with partitions on each side. If there are no conditions, it can also be carried out in ordinary plastic sites and cement sites.
The most popular Ultimate Frisbee competition in China is a game that does not allow physical contact and mixed men and women. Each team has seven players on the field. At the beginning of the game, the players are standing behind the scoring line, one team defends and the other team attacks.
During the game, each defends an offensive player, runs with them, and tries to stop the offensive players from catching the Frisbee. The offensive and defensive transitions can continue until the score is scored. Once the score is scored, the whole process begins again, the two teams stand at the end of the score zone, and the party who just scored throws the disk to the other party. There are no referees in the competition, relying on honesty and winning by strength.