What are the benefits of holding a fitness ball on the body?

Update:01 Mar 2019

The reason why the fitness ball is good for physical fi […]

The reason why the fitness ball is good for physical fitness is to adjust the body meridian by moderate movement of the palm while playing the ball.
1. Through the palm movement, the fitness ball can bend the fingers, palms and wrists flexibly and flexibly, and promote the movement of the upper limb muscles such as fingers, wrists and elbows, which can prevent and correct the upper limb numbness, tremor and grip caused by the degenerative diseases of the elderly. Reduce symptoms such as.
2. The fitness ball stimulates the second and third metacarpal bones of the palm, which is beneficial to regulate the function of the central nervous system, and achieve the effects of calming and refreshing the mind and brain, thus enhancing the physiological functions of the internal organs and exerting the physiology of “moving without failing”. effect.
3. It is an indisputable fact that hand movements are good for the brain. When playing a fitness ball, you can focus your mind on your hands, eliminate all kinds of distracting thoughts, eliminate tension, and relax your brain. When playing a fitness ball, the ball rotates regularly to make a soft sound, just like a pleasant "music", which will undoubtedly balance the excitement and inhibition of the brain nerves and relax. Moreover, the movement of the hand can make the blood supply to the brain more abundant. Therefore, playing the fitness ball can effectively protect the brain, slow down the aging rate of the brain, and avoid the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease.