What are the benefits of Softball Fitness?

Update:19 Apr 2019

(1). Soft ball exercise is a sport of internal and exte […]

(1). Soft ball exercise is a sport of internal and external double repair. It pursues a harmonious unity of man and nature, between man and man, and between man and ball. In terms of strategy and tactics, it is emphasized that cleverness and intelligence are taken, and that it is soft and gentle, and it is not intended to be static. Against the simple, direct, extensive, paused, and outbreaking methods of force. Advocating the movement of the spirit of the spirit, following the nature, just in the soft, soft and strong, continuous, seamless.
(2). Soft ball exercise is a kind of systemic exercise, which can make the neck, shoulders, waist and legs get a balanced and comprehensive exercise. In general sports, hands often do not get balanced exercise, especially the left hand can not get the activities that should be. We know that the right hand is the right brain of the human body. According to medical evidence, the right brain plays a major role in dealing with creative thinking such as rhythm, melody, music, images, fantasy, etc. Training the function of the nerve center system has a good effect. The Tai Chi soft ball can be played with both hands, and the change of the circular motion is more complicated, random and diverse, and has a good effect on the training of the central nervous system.
(3). Soft ball is a kind of "anti-articular", "unnatural" and "non-essential" sports. It has softness during exercise, rigid and soft, skill, multi-joint, large and small muscles. Coordination and coordination can promote systemic coordination and muscle control performance.
(4). Soft ball is a kind of gentle and gentle exercise. Although the whole body is exercising during exercise, the limbs are still in a state of high relaxation. The relaxed muscles are more like massage under the movement of the limbs, thus making the whole body qi and blood. Circulation, muscles and muscles, and stagnation, the body's internal organs and organs, the whole body joints and muscles have been coordinated and exercised in an overall way, so that the body's yin and yang are balanced. In the motion shot, you need to control a ball that will roll around at any time. If you are slightly distracted and the technology is not correct, the ball will roll away, so it has a significant effect on the concentration of attention and maintaining the balance of physical and mental health. .
(5). The soft ball is sweating very quickly, very comfortable, not feeling tired for a long time, and the body recovers quickly after exercise. Because almost all the movements of the Tai Chi soft ball are completed in the circle, arcing, and rounding, the centrifugal force generated by the circular motion accelerates the flow of blood and the process of perspiration. The opening and smoothness of the tiny blood vessels improves the microcirculation ability of various organ systems in the human body, and enhances the self-protection, self-repair and work efficiency of various organ systems. Practice can reduce blood pressure to normal values and prevent diseases such as hardening of the blood vessels and embolism. The sweating of the human body during exercise is a benign product of accelerated blood circulation and metabolism. Good metabolism causes the waste in the body to be removed in time, and the excess energy is fully consumed, so that the human body maintains a healthy physiological balance. It feels light and refreshed through exercise, which also enhances the body's immunity and overall health.
(6). Soft ball also increases ventilation function, accelerates blood flow and enhances air circulation function of alveoli.