What are the materials for rubber yoga mats?

Update:06 Jul 2018

The eco-friendly yoga mat is made of natural latex, hem […]

The eco-friendly yoga mat is made of natural latex, hemp and other natural materials. The yoga mat should be soft and elastic. It is divided into pure natural rubber and PVC. What kind of material is that yoga mat?
1, pure natural rubber yoga mat
According to the material selection, pure natural rubber mat is the most environmentally friendly, pure natural rubber is the most high-grade products of yoga mat products, free of chloride, no metal elements, anti-static, each mat is about 1200 grams, lighter than PVC foam mat About 300 grams, it is more suitable to carry out. Features: soft, compliant, strong grip - placed on any ground is relatively secure. Compared with the PVC mat, it weighs about 300 grams and is easy to carry around. However, the price of yoga mats with pure natural rubber materials is high.
2, PVC yoga mat
PVC yoga mats are cheap and good. PVC is the name of a chemical raw material and a raw material. However, PVC does not have the function of softness and anti-slip and cushioning before foaming. Only after foaming it can produce finished products like yoga mats and non-slip mats. Features: PVC materials are affordable, can be bought everywhere, quality is guaranteed, and cost-effective. However, it is important to note that you should avoid buying inferior yoga mats made from secondary materials.
3, cloth yoga mat
Cloth pads are hard to buy. Sometimes, we see some people in a yoga class using a yoga mat that is bright and colorful like an Arabian flying carpet. It is said to be an Indian yoga mat. This cloth mat is imported from India and can be used on ordinary plastic yoga mats by hand dyeing. The reason for this is that plastic yoga mats are not good for contact with the skin, and the mats are softer and can be carried around, and are isolated when using a public yoga mat.