What is a pu toy?

Update:09 Mar 2019

Pu toy is a new type of high-grade toy. It is safe to u […]

Pu toy is a new type of high-grade toy. It is safe to use, non-toxic, smooth in surface, cute in shape and bright in color. Soft and handy, it will bounce back as soon as it is squeezed, which is the first choice for gifts, collections, decorations and gifts. Have certain toy engineering capabilities, such as injection, silk screen, pad printing and other processing capabilities. The pu ball is also called a foam ball. It is a product belonging to the sponge category. It is also called puball in foreign countries.

Pu toys and pu balls are all required to open the mold. Pu ball types include pu football, pu baseball, pu football, pu basketball, etc. Pu toy types include pu peach heart, pu fruit, pu animal, pu food, etc. The advantage of pu ball is that it can be used for corporate gift promotion. It is a very good decompression product. It is good for relieving mental stress. It is also called pressure ball. Pu toys also belong to the pressure ball range, but the shape is more complicated, and there are many styles. It is the best play of animation and cartoon products.