What's good about yoga mats?

Update:17 Aug 2017

Yoga for beginners, think of the Internet Amoy yoga mat […]

Yoga for beginners, think of the Internet Amoy yoga mat a high price is not so easy, because yoga mat not only brand, but also a lot of material, if not to touch it, don't make what kind of material for their own. Here by Mom Network encyclopedia and we study, in the end what kind of yoga mat material good?.
At present, in the international market, yoga mats are mainly divided into four kinds of materials: rubber mats, TPE, PVC.
The rubber pad is mainly composed of: natural rubber is made, not only good elasticity, resilience is also very good, belongs to a yoga mat in the rich handsome, does not contain chloride, does not contain metal elements, can effectively antistatic, each yoga mat is about 1200 grams, compared to PVE foam yoga mat light about 300 grams.
TPE material: this kind of material of yoga mat is actually mixed natural latex and natural hemp, now is the best environmental yoga mat material, can be carried on recycling, after the waste will not cause pollution to the environment. Yoga mat TPE material soft, docile, strong grip, so the price is higher.
PVC material: yoga mat PVC material is relatively common in China, its name is Chinese PVC, the material itself is not much smell, will not cause harm to humans, but if you are using recycled material made of yoga mat will be a poison, and cause certain harm to the human experience.
So, in summary, Wikipedia here or recommend you to the store to buy a comfortable and suitable for your yoga mat, not on the Internet believe some advertised a non-toxic and tasteless product, buy back but stink terribly, put a few days are not scattered taste.