Why do rubber yoga mats smell bad?

Update:14 Dec 2019

Why do rubber yoga mats smell bad? Smell and environmen […]

Why do rubber yoga mats smell bad?
Smell and environmental protection of yoga mats
Why do rubber yoga mats smell bad? ? Is it necessarily poisonous when it smells? Answer: No
Smell source one: The taste of the material itself (non-toxic and harmless). But some small workshops use unqualified or even toxic raw materials for profiteering. Such yoga mats are toxic.
Smell source 2: Foaming agent used for foaming of rubber yoga mat material. Due to the poor operation of some small workshop equipment and the incomplete reaction of the blowing agent, toxic CH2O (formaldehyde) and NH3 (ammonia) will be generated.
Smell source three: For double-layer yoga mats, the process of glue bonding is needed. The smell comes from the glue used for bonding. Some small workshops use low-quality and harmful glue to save costs.
Is it safe without smell? Answer: No. During the production process of rubber yoga mats, the foaming process or glue and the taste of the material of the yoga mat itself can be adopted. These can be controlled by technical means to a minimum, which can ensure that there is no smell and even a clear scent feeling.