Why do you use yoga mats to practice yoga? What are the types of yoga mats?

Update:07 Jun 2018

Why do yoga exercises use yoga mats? When you talk abou […]

Why do yoga exercises use yoga mats? When you talk about practicing yoga, you think of yoga mats. It is a must-have item for practicing yoga. Why do you use yoga mats for practicing yoga? Why do you use yoga mats for yoga practice?
Why do you use yoga mats to practice yoga?
The role of the yoga mat is not just for anti-slip, it also plays a protective role. When you are doing some knee-to-ground movements, if the mat is too thin, the knee will have a strong and ground pressure. Pressure sense.
For example, when we are doing a tiger style, we only have one hand and one leg on the ground. All others must be lifted and balanced.
A yoga mat is more than just a tool. It is also a tool for protecting the body, protecting you from harm, better protecting your knees and other joints, and giving you a healthier body.
The yoga shop towel can be used as an auxiliary tool to padded on a yoga mat. The first is to increase the length, and the second is to be used to rest on the body during the rest and prevent cold.
Which kinds of yoga mats
1, PVC is cheap
PVC foam (pvc content 96% yoga mat weight is about 1500 grams) pvc is a chemical raw material name, is a raw material.
Why do you use yoga mats to practice yoga?
But pvc did not have foam before it was soft and played slippery. The effect of cushioning is to produce finished products such as yoga mats and anti-skid mats only after foaming it.
PVC materials are affordable, can be bought everywhere, quality is guaranteed, and cost-effective.
2, TPE pad is the most environmentally friendly
TPE yoga mat products are the most high-end products, non-chloride, non-metallic elements, anti-static, each mat is about 1200 grams, about 300 grams lighter than PVC foam mats, more suitable for carrying out.
General thickness 6mm-8mm Features: soft, obedient, strong grip - placed on any ground are more secure.
Compared with the yoga mat made of PVC material, the weight is about 300 grams lighter and it is more convenient to carry around.
The advantages of TPE mats are light weight, easy to carry, easy to clean, excellent slip resistance in dry and wet conditions, and there is no odor if the material of TPE pads is of high purity.
Most PVC foam mats are still tasteful because of process and cost. There is no way to remove this.