Wrong Action in Yoga

Update:16 Oct 2017

   1, deliberately breathing    The breath runs through […]

   1, deliberately breathing
   The breath runs through the whole movement. When a bottle of perfume in front, you will normally inhale, breath, but when it is reminded to smell perfume, your breathing will subconsciously increase. Practice yoga will encounter the same problem, often one said to breathe, the human brain will subconsciously tense up, it is difficult to breathe freely.
   Adjustment method: more practice. Breathing can be practiced out, and slowly control thinking, do not suggest that they deliberately breathe. Slowly restore the subconscious breathing to a free, natural state, so that breathing and the body of a lot of action to coordinate, and drive the action to walk in every form.
   2, forced their own movement
   Yoga a lot of action takes a long time to do bit. Such as his hands in the back of the pull of such a common little tricks, many people right arm can be completed normally, but the left arm to do it is very difficult. If the moment impatient, forced himself to complete this action. The result is that while pulling hands in one hand, but not the arm was sprained after exercise arm pain.
   Adjustment method: to maintain the pace of movement, think about ways to help. Practice this action must be peace of mind, you can use a towel to assist the completion. Hold the towel in both hands and try a little closer. So many exercises a few times, after a period of time, you will find the left arm can easily achieve the desired effect.
   3, do not respect the feelings of self
   The process of practicing yoga should be a process that makes yourself easy and comfortable. But in practice you find yourself very uncomfortable, or the neck stretched very tight, or chest boring.
   Adjustment method: self respect. Yoga is very important to learn to self-respect. When the feeling uncomfortable, it is best to immediately stop to adjust. You should be more brains, think about why they are uncomfortable. Neck tension may not be flat hands, chest boring may be breathing and movement coordination and so on. In short, to respect their own feelings, although the action is not very standardized, but must make yourself feel comfortable.
   4, too care about the perfect action
   Because doing yoga can make the shape and behavior become beautiful. So every action you are serious imitation, and hope to do as well as the coach. But a lesson down, you find yourself have been beautiful tossing exhausted, no happiness at all.
   Adjustment method: understanding yoga is not "competitive" movement, "enjoy happiness, and do our best" is the best state. Deliberately pursuing perfection is really hard to really experience the spirit of happiness. Yoga beauty is achieved through a long time to practice slowly, is a beautiful from the inside to the outside, as long as you are in a very coordinated, comfortable state to complete the basic action, almost the same as the standard action to achieve the same effect The
   5, that action is not in place
   You think that pain is the inevitable reaction of the movement, for fear of action is not in place affect the movement effect. So in the physical conditions do not have the situation, forcing themselves to do not reach the current action. The results made his back pain, but also unfortunately injured sprained.