Yoga asana - salute

Update:31 May 2019

Efficacy: Kneeling salute, this form can enhance the en […]

Kneeling salute, this form can enhance the energy of the mind, make you more patient, physically can treat knee, ankle, gout in the foot, rheumatism, can also treat hemorrhoids.
Action essentials:
1, Standing, legs together, the spine straight, arms naturally hang on the side of the body.
2, Look at the front of the body on the floor, lift the right foot first to do the tree, hands and palms placed on the chest.
3. Keep a gaze on the floor, exhale, bend your left knee, and lower your weight.
4. Bend the upper body forward from the lower back and touch the ground with both hands.
5. After lowering the buttocks, raise the left heel, let the hips sit on the heels, move both hands to the sides, and control the balance with your fingers and the left foot.
6. When feeling balanced, you can slowly remove your hand from the ground, put it on your chest, and breathe evenly for 10 seconds or more.
7, Beginners if you have a poor balance, you can put a yoga brick under the heel, so that the heel can also support the weight of the body, easier to maintain balance.
8, After the hands put the body, inhale, support the body slowly, let go of the right leg, the body is upright and relaxed, change the other side to do the same action, return to the erect and relax on the back for two minutes.
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