Yoga mat clean coup

Update:05 Sep 2017

   Whether you are stretching on the yoga mat or do yog […]

   Whether you are stretching on the yoga mat or do yoga, when you sweat after training, yoga mat is always easy to have perspiration, stains homemade yoga mat cleaning spray recipe:
1. Pure water
2. White vinegar
3. Essential oil (and may not)
Spray bottle
Wet towel 1 block
Cleaning method:
1.  According to the ratio of 1: 2 mixed white vinegar and water, into the spray bottle; according to their own preferences to join a few drops of essential oils.
2. After wiping the yoga mat, wipe with a wet towel.
3. Dry the indoor ventilation (do not place the yoga mat for a long time in the sun exposure).
4. In the yoga mat close to one-half out of the fold, and then rolled up the admission, will not let the clean after the yoga mat secondary pollution.
Supplementary explanation:
Increased essential oils will not let your yoga mat have too much smell.
If the yoga mat is dirty, you can increase the amount of white vinegar.