Yoga mat consumer tips

Update:29 Jan 2018

When choosing and using yoga mats, consumers should pay […]

When choosing and using yoga mats, consumers should pay attention to the following aspects:
① Yoga mat products can not be guaranteed to meet the children's product standards for phthalate content requirements, not suitable as a child crawling mat use.
② When buying yoga mats, first smell the nose with a pungent smell whether the pungent taste, a strong pungent taste of the product should not be purchased.
③ Newly purchased yoga mat products, should be placed in the ventilation place for a few days before use to accelerate volatile organic volatiles, help to remove odor.
④ When choosing yoga mat products, attention should be paid to the logo of the tag, label and other products. The standardized product logo shows the professional standard of the product brand or manufacturer. Once the skin allergy and peculiar smell persist, the responsibility body can be quickly found , Rights protection.