Yoga mat function

Update:24 Oct 2017

   If you just watch yoga video and can not wait to try […]

   If you just watch yoga video and can not wait to try it, but have not bought your yoga mat; you may find your home to know anything that can replace the yoga mat on the surface. It depends on the circumstances. It is enough to sit on a thick motion pad or carpet, but your feet may slip on the electron when standing or balancing your posture or yoga. Use your bare wooden floor to practice yoga but when your feet and hands are a little sweat they will stay on your floor. It is recommended to use natural materials such as cotton, silk, wool or sheepskin to avoid static electricity. Yoga purists follow the eight principles of yoga, one of which is not to kill and non-violent, so sheepskin as a yoga mat is not feasible. Of course this is your personal choice.
   Towel as a yoga mat
   Yoga students practice yoga and know the necessity of putting a towel on a yoga mat. Performing complex postures at 40 ° C requires a non-slip surface. But for those yoga lovers who want to completely avoid the traditional mat, the towel is effective in absorbing sweat, but taking into account the sliding coefficient to avoid injury.
   Anti-slip yoga socks
   When we do not use yoga mats, why do we choose to use yoga socks to prevent slippage and self-surging sweat, professional yoga socks are anti-skid particles and post-wash sweat function.