Yoga mat how to clean

Update:18 Dec 2017

The company is located in: First of all, each person's […]

The company is located in:
First of all, each person's yoga mat material is different, the corresponding cleaning method is also different, if your mat hundreds of thousands, let you wash the egg also feel strange pain! Therefore, their own yoga mat to determine the brand and material, the general well-known brands will have related cleaning and maintenance instructions.
If your yoga mat does not have a special cleaning instructions, then the egg said some common cleaning methods for you to choose from:
Use a damp cloth to wipe the yoga mat, this can be used as a daily routine cleaning, but be careful not to shower the soap, shower gel to the mat, the yoga mat will absorb and become slippery, unless You can then wash the soap very cleanly with water.
If the yoga mat is particularly dirty, you can wash in the bathroom, open the shower with a shower, then you can use a non-concentrated soap, shower gel to wash, be sure to rinse. When dry to avoid sun exposure, and dry time not less than 24 hours, you can choose a cool and ventilated place tiled dry like.
You can use a dedicated yoga mat to clean the spray, or you can also homemade. Use the spray to spray the mat all over again. After the surface is moistened, dry it with a dry cloth and allow it to dry slightly.