Yoga mat industry definition and classification

Update:12 Dec 2016

Yoga mat industry definition Yoga mat, is the practice […]

Yoga mat industry definition

Yoga mat, is the practice of yoga shop in the following mat, yoga mat material is generally divided into TPE foam, PVC foam, EVA, latex pads, CBR cushions. Yoga mat surface uniform particles, bubble full, soft to the touch, and non-toxic, tasteless, non-slip, rebound ability, has a strong anti-tearing ability, is the ideal choice for yoga practitioners. In addition, yoga mat can effectively block the ground cold, strong grip, with a prominent resilience, smoothness, slip resistance, and human skin affinity. But also in the above for some other fitness exercise, suitable for children playing bedding, outdoor camping mats to use.
Yoga mat industry classification

The most widely used is a PVC and TPE two yoga mat. The advantages of these two is in line with national environmental standards, can be recycled, will not cause pollution to the environment, including TPE on the human body the most environmentally friendly, and no smell.

Select yoga mat the most important thing is to be soft, paste, tile when the grip to strong, can not slip when sweating, it is best to carry. The second is to have a better waterproof, anti-skid performance.

Here to introduce these types of yoga mat to do a detailed description

TPE foam pad is the main component of TPE and EVA and synthetic rubber, production costs are relatively high, the production process is high, the industry to enter the high threshold. Products of good quality, flexible enough, soft and non-slip effect. Without plastic, easy to break down, is more optimistic about the current products, by the environmentalists love. TPE mats are currently available up to 10 mm thick.

PVC foam mats on the more extensive, cheaper prices, diverse colors, low production costs, the process is simple, easy to do according to the requirements of customers to do signs, loved by the public. The disadvantage is that plastic products is not easy to natural decomposition, pollution of the Earth.

EVA mat is also very environmentally friendly, there are low-end high-end. Cheap EVA too soft, too tasty. High quality is good, but the thickness can only be 4 mm. Middle East market is more like EVA cushion.

Latex mats, usually with a layer of dry grass on their surface, cost between PVC mats and TPE mats. Can be considered environmentally friendly products of the Earth. The US market like more.

CBR pad is too heavy, the cost is not low. Wear-resistant, non-slip, tasteless, usually black.

Yoga mat thickness of 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm. Of which 6 mm is the standard thickness. More suitable for beginners, TPE mat can do 10 mm, very soft.