Yoga mat size and thickness

Update:04 Dec 2017

Within the yoga industry, a definition of 5 mm or more […]

Within the yoga industry, a definition of 5 mm or more is defined as a beginner type yoga mat that defines a type of yoga mat under 5 mm. This should be too thick yoga mat will affect the stability of yoga standing, resulting in the precise positioning of the yoga position. Therefore, the general yoga instructor and senior yoga enthusiasts will choose the following 5 mm yoga mat. For beginners is not recommended 5 mm yoga mats below, because too thin, then the protection of yoga mats will be reduced.
Yoga mat size contrast
Of course for beginners to choose the thickness of the yoga mat and weight is a certain relationship, in theory heavier weight practitioners consider thicker yoga mat, of course, have to consider the yoga mat and resilience and life of both.
The size of the main yoga mat
1. Common type: 610 mm x 1730 mm (most of Asians can meet the physical condition)
2. Extended type: 610 mm x1830 mm. (More personal height may be more than 170cm height can choose to choose this model)
The Chinese market mainly to 610 mm x1730 mm.