Yoga weight loss method of thin stomach

Update:16 Jan 2018

Stand body flexion Seemingly simple action, in fact, is […]

Stand body flexion
Seemingly simple action, in fact, is fully stretched, back lines, arms, chest, abdomen, legs, body movement.
Step 1: Feet naturally separated, shoulder width, straighten your arms behind, parallel with the ground, fingers tightly.
Step 2: Slowly bent forward, his chest slowly close to his legs, his hands raised from just after just above, the entire process should be kept upright, upper body try to explore, feel the back of the stretch, the abdomen To inhale into the stomach, do not bulge, feel the urgency of breathing.
Step 3: To reach the maximum limit of your own body, hold your breath for 5 times, lower your hands and slowly stand upright, but be careful not to overdo it. You can do a few back and forth.
Back pressure leg
Step 1: The mat folded, thick layer, so as not to hurt the knee, right leg knees, knee support on the mat, the support point from the wall 20CM, right foot straight, upturned, toes against the wall.
Step 2: The left leg is bent forward, the left leg is strongly supported and the buttock is pressed down until the hip joint is stretched.
Step 3: left hand on the left leg, right hand cross, upper body straight, closing the stomach up, stretch the upper body to maintain 5 breathing, slowly drop the leg, and then change the left leg and repeat exercises.
Side leg lift leg
This is an act of using the upper extremity to separate the legs, quite stretchable, can move to the whole body.
Step 1: Starting from the push-up position, turn the body to the right and transfer the center of gravity to the right hand and the right foot.
Step 2: Without losing balance, slowly raise the left leg upwards and aim at the left toe with your left hand. You can not do it or force it.
Step 3: If you can get along at one go, gradually raise your leg to the highest position, keeping five breaths and then changing to the other side.
After leg lift flexion
Action looks very difficult, when it is controllable, if not balanced, can practice wall paste, or find someone to help.
Step 1: The body stand straight, and then slowly bend the upper body, until both hands hold the ground, and then lift his left leg up, do not force, lifted into a straight line.
Step 2: Abdomen inward to close, hold on to the five breathing, and then change the left leg support, repeat the above action.