Yoga when to do the best

Update:06 Nov 2017

Many people like yoga, especially beauty girls, when do […]

Many people like yoga, especially beauty girls, when do yoga is better? What are the precautions to do yoga?
The most suitable time is about 5:00 in summer and autumn, when the air is very fresh, the surrounding noise is basically not, physically and mentally after sleep, has also been full of energy. At this time is the most suitable yoga.
There is half an hour before going to bed at night, is also suitable for yoga. But this time the magnitude of the move should not be too large. Because after a day of fatigue, the body needs adequate rest. Simple to do some gentle action on the line, should not be too long.
Other suitable time to do yoga is to ensure that the stomach is the least rice. To wait until the food is digested about the same, usually 3.5 hours or so, to begin to do.
In a yoga practice is the place, the proposal is to find a quiet place, not easily disturbed by others the best place.
In a practice time, we must pay attention to the longest not more than 2.5 hours, short words, but also to maintain more than 20 minutes, otherwise it will not work.
One last point to note: that is, we must uphold perseverance, and only make unremitting efforts to achieve a corresponding return. Give yourself a complete exercise schedule, the same point in time to practice each day.
The most important is the habit of training, many people think of it to do, something delayed, and regardless of physical conditions are not allowed, this is the most taboo.