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Electric Massage Ball SR-VMB01

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  • PU+ABS
  • φ100mm
  • 290g
  • Deep massage for multiple body parts, relief muscle soreness.

Product Description

Product information

Product name: Electric massage ball SR-VMB01

Model No.: SR-VMB01

Material: PU+ABS

Size: φ100mm

Weight: 290g

Rated voltage range: 7.4V

Charging duration: 60min

Single duration: 15min

SR-VMB01 is electric massage ball, as similar as SR-105, but it uses PU material as outer layer. 

Characteristic of massage ball

● Material characteristic 

The touch feeling of PU massage ball is a little different from EVA material, the flexibility of PU is better than EVA, we research and develop independently several kinds of PU massage ball to adapt market requirements. By choosing different kinds of PU massage ball, the trigger point therapy is different, reaching deep tissue of your body.

● 3 strength vibration modes

As same as our other electric massage ball, SR-VMB01 could also be adjusted as 3 different vibration modes. Easy operation ways to use the massage ball by pressing middle switch. Three vibration modes could be chosen according to your actual demand: low, medium and high. 

● Reduce fatigue 

Massage ball could eliminate fatigue feeling through alleviating soreness of muscle, at the same time, it could release tension brought by life pressure. Good recovery brings better exercise for next time.   

Relaxing and eliminating ache is important to sports enthusiasts. Although you are not professional athletes, the massage ball is also effective for relieving pain brought by trudge, like travel or business trip. 

● Long-lasting Rechargeable battery

The battery is long-lasting for satisfying your daily massage demand. It could work for 4.5 hours under the mode of lowest intensity, and 2 hours for the mode of highest intensity. There are LED indicators at the side to show the operating intensity, which brings convenience for user and improves user experience.

Lead time

If order qty is less than 5000pcs, the lead time is 30 days; if more than 5000pcs, pls contact us for lead time negotiation.

Company strength 

● Manufacture plant

for manufacture, we own 1 PVC yoga mat line, 1 TPE yoga mat line, 1 EVA injection molding machine, 11 PU foaming production line, 6 U-type production line, 4 rotating foaming production line. For management, we have rich experience in sports goods and promotional gift, with well-established system and professional team.

● Strategic partner

 We have built strategic relationship with Decathlon for several years, supply several kinds of products like yoga mat, yoga ball, massage ball frisbee…

● Environmental achievement

 Responding to the call of global concept of environmental protection, our factory is in possess of environmental protection equipment for waste disposal and effluent disposal.