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How to Screen a Massage Stick Manufacturer in China?

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Massage therapist commonly sells bath or beauty products, but you desire to expand your practice. You want to add products that encourage client self-care. Massage self-care tools are a great option.

For example, hand, arm, and wrist pain are common due to computer use. It is a condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The massage sticks are designed for rotation and they can relieve users from the entire day's muscle stress and soreness because of their CTS condition. You are clear about the kind of massage products you need to sell at your massage clinic.

Reasons to look for massage product manufacturer in China

Everyone is aware that China is the best place to look for a reliable massage stick supplier. There are several reasons to outsource product manufacturing in China.

  • Low production cost because of cheap labor and rich resources.

  • Chinese make trustworthy partners.

  • The country has a complete infrastructure and environment ranging from logistics to raw materials.

  • Industrial clusters are developed well and every manufacturer is better.

  • Population, land, and processing experience are matchless.

Manufacturers vs. traders

For some importers, working with manufacturers is more preferable to partnering with traders for a single key reason - lower rates. Partnering with a committed and experienced Sunrise massage stick manufacturer will be invaluable down the road.

A few foreigners prefer to affiliate with traders or sourcing agents from China because a lot of stress is taken by these kinds of suppliers. For example, the manufacturers are focused on bulk orders and can ignore your order for several hundred. They may even not agree to a price you expected.

Where to start your search and find a reliable manufacturer in China?

  • Visit online wholesale marketplaces like Global sources, Alibaba, Made in China, and Dhgate. You will need to dig deep to get a manufacturer that suits your need.

  • Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn can be useful. Chinese manufacturers are creating their business profiles on social channels to gain access to overseas clients.

  • Google search engine can help you somewhat in finding massage products manufacturer in China.

  • Referrals from business associates, customers, or friends can be helpful.

  • Chinese suppliers visit popular industry trade fairs around the world. You can participate, meet several suppliers face-to-face, and communicate with them.

  • Local sourcing companies can help you find a legitimate manufacturer, which saves a lot of your money and time.

How to filter a reliable Chinese manufacturer?

To identify an ideal manufacturer, it is essential to be clear about your needs. Below are some categories that can help to choose an ideal manufacturer in China.

  • By Scale - large industrial unit or a small factory

  • By Production Stage - assembly factory, raw material factory, packaging factory, injection mold factory, etc.

  • By Geographic Area - Few industrial clusters in China like the textile supply sector in Nantong, the underwear industry in Shantou, eyewear manufacturing in Wenzhou, etc.

The manufacturer you partner with must align to your sales volume, target price, and situation. For example, a startup business or a small buyer can choose medium or small-sized manufacturers.

The Zhejiang Sunrise Tech is an established manufacturer in China that offers massage series including massage balls and massage sticks you need to check on their website. The lead time offered for less than 5000 pieces is one month, but if it is more than you can contact them for lead time negotiations.

First, create a list with all the details including

  • Factory name

  • Year of establishment

  • Address

  • Relevant product line

  • Exporting experience

  • Crucial documents like business license, ISO certification, etc.

Choose 10 potential suppliers based on the above criteria and dig deeper. The second aspect is to consider the communication or response from the manufacturer.

Communication process for comparison

A positive response from suppliers can directly impact the mass production process in the future. During the communication process ask every supplier the same question. It helps you compare apple with apple.

Communicate with suppliers via email with a brief description and the chosen product link along with any customized needs like OEM or neutral packaging. Ask if the supplier can communicate in detail. Keep the email short and clear. You will get a high response because long emails are ignored as the suppliers are already too busy. Ask for sample cost as soon as you get a response to your first email.

MOQ - Minimum Order Quantity

The MOQ differs from one manufacturer to another. It depends on the product type, facility size, and product profitability. For example, if the product needs specialized skills, machinery, or mold then MOQ can be high. It is because the manufacturer has to invest more money and time to make it worthy.

Mass production quotations

Compare quotations carefully. A proper product quotation includes

  • Product photo

  • Specifications

  • Lead time

  • Incoterms

  • Quantity on which quotation is based

You get an estimation of the price range from manufacturers, which can influence your decision.

Mass production lead time

It gives you an idea of the production capacity and schedule of the massage stick manufacturer. A shorter lead time is better because for every entrepreneur time is money.

Payment method

The terms of payment also differ from one manufacturer to another. The common ones are

  • Western Union

  • PayPal

  • MoneyGram

  • T/T

  • Escrow

  • Cash

After this second screening round, you have narrowed the list to a couple of potential massage stick manufacturers. Start sample production and this can help to identify who manufactures the best product at the best price.

Understand the challenges you can encounter with manufacturers in China

Finding a suitable massage stick wholesaler in China is not simple. You may learn lessons a hard way because things can go wrong.

  • Misunderstandings

  • Defective products

  • Non-responsiveness

  • Production delays

  • Unauthorized use of IP {intellectual property}

As an importer, you need a non-disclosure, non-use, non-circumvention agreement, or NNN agreement.

Before signing an agreement clearly communicate about what the product includes. Verify the quality of the sample product and choose the one you prefer.

How to Screen a Massage Stick Manufacturer in China?
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