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How to use a massage stick at home

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To choose the right strength of the massage stick, the pain they can bear is the primary selection criteria. If the massage stick material is too hard or friction is too strong, and the target area does not have a uniform muscle component, it will not only play the role of massage but also get hurt themselves.

Secondly, the material is too soft and lacks the toughness of the massage stick; it is equivalent to no effect of relieving muscle soreness. So hardness is hard or soft, are not suitable for sports groups. The massage stick is slightly complicated but can be massaged to the point, which is the strength of the most appropriate massage stick.

People in the exercise will produce varying degrees of muscle soreness; this post-exercise muscle soreness is called delayed muscle soreness. In the exercise hours to about 24 hours before the phenomenon of muscle soreness, usually, the duration of this muscle soreness is about one to three days. How to effectively relieve such symptoms? That's why the role of the massage stick appears, so that the deep muscle warming blood flow and eliminate the accumulation of lactic acid, to eliminate fatigue, relieve muscle stiffness, pain effect.

massage stick

Back of the calf

Sitting position, bending knees, palms up

Roll the back of the calf muscle group from bottom to top with the massage stick

It can be divided into left and right side

Roll and relax the gastrocnemius and flounder muscles 15-30 times, respectively

Avoid the joints

left of the calf

right of the calf

Anterior tibialis

Sitting position, bend the knee, palm down

Roll the front side of the calf with a massage stick 15-30 times

Avoid the joints

anterior tibialis

Medial thigh relaxation

Sitting position, knees bent, palms up

Roll the inner thighs from bottom to top with the massage stick 15-30 times

Avoid the joints

medial thigh

Neck relaxation

You can choose to sit or stand

One hand palm facing back, one hand palm facing forward

Roll both sides of the neck muscles at an oblique 45-degree angle for 15-30 times


Lower back

Sitting position, bending knees, slightly arching back to stretch the lumbar muscles

One hand palm facing backward, one hand palm over the front

Roll both sides of the waist at an oblique 45-degree angle for 15-30 times

lower back

At home, after the end of the gym, in addition to massage stick, but also can use the fascia ball, yoga column, fish eye massager, peanut ball, as well as calf massager and back opener.

All of the above fitness aids can help to soothe sore muscles and move the muscles and bones. In the accessible fitness at the same time, but also safe and relaxed body, play a two-fold role.

How to use a massage stick at home
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