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How to use strap to carry a yoga mat

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Yoga mat straps are bundled yoga mat with, the mat will be rolled into a tube then fixed with straps back upper body, usually go to the yoga studio classes, both beautiful, but also easy to depart. 

For yoga, people who often go to the yoga studio practice can have an easy trip and carry function. For friends who like to do yoga at home, it has a good storage effect, reduces the storage of the occupied area, suitable for the living environment at home.

Commonly used two ways to carry yoga mat: there are straps and yoga bags.

Through the straps to fix the size of the yoga, stretch out, yoga mat easy to appear bundled traces. So far, there is no good way to carry the yoga mat or generally use straps and yoga straps together to carry out the form. The strap plays a fixed yoga mat, and the yoga strap will bundle the yoga mat together into the bag. You can carry up it on the go, convenient and practical.



In addition to this role of bundling, a yoga stretching strap can also be used as an auxiliary prop when doing yoga.

Yoga stretching strap placed at the back of the foot, hook toes to prevent the rope from slipping, hands pulling legs, legs also force upward extension, waist and back as straight as possible not to tilt forward.


Hands can not grab the feet or hold the feet, but the posture is not standard friends suitable to use yoga stretching strap to assist practice, only hands and feet force evenly distributed, to maintain balance.


Yoga stretching belt set at the ankle according to their ligaments to adjust the length of the strap, with the legs of the support point to let the body close to the legs.


Lie on your back on the mat, bend your knees, put the rope on your feet, hook your toes back, adjust the length of the strap with both hands and drive your legs straight, don't bend your knees, slowly drive your legs straight to your body.


90 ° sitting position long sitting on top of the mat, strap set in the palms of the feet, hands according to their ligaments to adjust the length of the band tighten the strap. Let the chest forward, always look up ahead, abdomen slowly forward, down close to the thighs, and finally the abdomen, chest, chin stick in the size of the legs to complete the upper body and legs folded, step by step.


Adjust the length of the strap, pulling the position of the feet, hands forcefully drive the legs to stretch and lift simultaneously, do not bend the knees, tuck the abdomen, chest, look up ahead, keep.


A yoga mat to accompany you through a weekend; even alone, it is not boring at all; if you want to be on the grass by the river, breathing fresh air; or in the park under the banyan tree, close to the temperament of nature; or want to find an undisturbed peach blossom source to listen to their own voice, we all suggest you carry the yoga bag, head high to pursue where you want to go. 


How to use strap to carry a yoga mat
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