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PVC yoga mat is really that bad?

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PVC is the most traditional material for yoga mats. Due to the low price, most of the yoga mats on the market are made of this material.


In the concept of the public, PVC has the following disadvantages: 

1. heavy taste; 

2. heavy grams, not easy to carry; 

3. not soft, poor anti-slip function; 

4. PVC yoga mat anti-slip function is achieved by the surface of the yoga mat bubble point, but this plays a non-slip role and not easy to clean; 

5. cheap PVC on the market may be secondary recycling, toxic, long-term use of the body. Not good.


So, if you say not commonly used, you can consider buying PVC. Still, if economic conditions allow, it is recommended that you can buy better materials, such as TPE material yoga mats.      

 yoga mat


The production and manufacture of PVC yoga mats will produce and volatilize phthalates. This path is inevitable.

The amount of phthalates produced and volatilized during production can only be mitigated by placing activated carbon.

The production department can be sure that the raw materials we purchase and produce are environmentally friendly. The production process of PVC mats can be controlled as much as possible because the production and volatilization of harmful substances can be effectively controlled through this channel.




Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the primary source of dioxins.

Dioxin (TCDD), a known carcinogen and hormone decomposer and a toxic compound, is very harmful to humans and animals.

Dioxins are produced when PVC is manufactured, recycled, and destroyed in incinerators or when PVC products are accidentally burned, such as in landfills. Dioxins are a class of highly toxic substances, and their toxicity is equivalent to 130 times that of cyanide and 900 times that of arsenic, which is known to be highly toxic. Numerous animal experiments have shown that deficient concentrations of dioxin have shown lethal effects on animals.

However, although polyvinyl chloride is the most toxic plastic in existence, it is not advisable to talk about toxicity beyond the dose. We need to look at this material appropriately.



A few tips for choosing a PVC yoga mat

 1. Get a PVC yoga mat, first do not open; smell the top of the mat with your nose. If there is a pungent smell, likely, the quality is not good

2. Use your thumb and index finger to squeeze the mat; try the pressure resistance and resilience.

3. Rub the mat with an eraser to see if the material is easy to break or traces of light pulling.

4. Use your palm to push the surface of the mat lightly to have a dry feeling.

5, in addition, the domestic production of yoga mat length and width size is 173cmx61cm; if you are a tall person, always feel this size of the yoga mat stretched, may also wish to buy a 183cmx61cm, or even longer.


PVC yoga mat is really that bad?
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