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Sunrise Tech-A Fitness Accessory Manufacturer & wholesaler in China

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Recent years have seen the growing popularity of physical fitness. People’s awareness of stretching, relaxing and massage after exercise also raises because stretching, relaxing and massage after exercise are the right things to do in order to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness, alleviate pain and boost the exercise effects.

As a result, the business of sports fitness accessories grows rapidly. Many China factories and enterprises have also joined the trend to start the manufacturing of fitness accessories. 

If you search for “Chinese fitness accessories manufacturers” in google, what greet your eyes are results like this 

“Top 10 Gym Equipment Manufacturers in China 2021”

“Fitness Accessory manufacturers & wholesalers in China”

“Best Chinese Gym Equipment Manufacturers”

But personally, I think most of these contents do nothing to help you make decisions as fitness accessories contain so many kinds of products that you may not find the very product you want to buy. 

If you are looking for Chinese suppliers of yoga mats, foam rollers, massage sticks and massage balls, I strongly recommend Zhejiang Sunrise High Tech New Materials Co., Ltd. 

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Registered in 2002, Zhejiang Sunrise High Tech New Materials Co., Ltd has been promoting the upgrading of the industry of sports fitness accessories.


The company offers differentiated and customized products, mainly including Yoga Mat, Foam Roller and Massage Series.

Yoga Mat

Yoga mat, also called fitness mat, is an essential tool for exercise. It’s suitable for use at home, gym or yoga room.


Sunrise Tech provides several kinds of yoga mats:


  • Basic Yoga Mat: TPE yoga mat, PVC yoga mat, NBR yoga mat EVA yoga mat.

  • Special PVC yoga mats: high-density PVC yoga mat, rainbow yoga mat, two tone TPE yoga matwo tone PVC yoga mat.

  • Compound yoga mats: Jute & PVC yoga mat, cork & TPE yoga mat, suede & TPE yoga mat, TPE & Rubber yoga mat, PU & rubber yoga mat.


Also, the yoga mat can be printed and engraved.

Solid-PVC-yoga-mat-180-140Digital-Printing-PVC-Yoga-Mat-180-140 (1)Digital-Printing-PVC-Yoga-Mat-180-140Two-tone-Pvc-Yoga-Mat-Ygma-pt-180-140

Foam Roller


Foam roller is a convenient and useful tool for self-myofascial release. Fascial mobilization triggered by foam roller helps release or loosen facial adhesion in order to promote healthy range of motion and prevent muscle tightness, soreness and injury.


There are four common sizes for you:


  • Professional foam roller: dia.14*61cm

  • Extended foam roller: dia.14*45cm

  • Classic foam roller: dia.14*33cm

  • Portable foam roller: dia.10*30cm


The size, color and structure of the foam roller can be customized.

Foam-roller-180-140Foam-roller-180-140 (1)Foam-roller-180-140 (2)Foam-roller-180-140 (3)

Massage Series


The massage series, just as its name implies, it is used for massage. Although it has the same function as the foam roller, the massage tools are designed to be in different shapes such as stick, Y-shape and U shape in order to be more suitable for a massage at different parts of your body. 

PU-Massage-ball-SR-MB03-180-140PU-peanut-massage-ball-SR-PMB05-180-140PU-massage-stick-SR-MR03-180-140SR-180-140EVA-massage-roller-SR-180-140 (1)

Now the company has a factory covering an area of 45000 m2, 4 senior technical engineers, 150 skilled workers, 2 PVC production lines and 9 PU production lines.


Furthermore, Sunrise Tech is committed to offer products of high levels of hygiene, quality and safety. It has gained many certificates:


In addition, Sunrise Tech has branched to many overseas markets, including more than 30 foreign countries in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.


As a reputed brand, it is an important partner of many internationally recognized brands such as Decathlon, Nike, Target, Coop, Walmart, Costco, etc.


I bet Sunrise Tech is the best fitness accessories supplier for you! 

Sunrise Tech-A Fitness Accessory Manufacturer & wholesaler in China
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