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Things to Consider Before Looking for A Reliable Yoga Mat Manufacturer in China

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Before you go in search of the best yoga mat supplier in China, you will need to gain an insight into your niche. The kind of business you are in and your development goals will also affect the kind of yoga mat manufacturer you will need for your project.

Distribution channel types

You will need to find out in which distribution channel your business fits, which will also need to be considered while looking for a yoga mat manufacturer in China. There are different distribution channel types to consider.


In short, a distributor is the manufacturer’s representative. He deals with order distribution as well as marketing, complaint management, returns, and even source right retailers capable to market your yoga mat brand. If your business is associated with distributorship services then you will need a manufacturer who is -

  • Perfect for a long-term relationship

  • Willing to collaborate and create a unified marketing approach.

  • Open to educating you and your team on the benefits, features, quality control, manufacturing, and assurance process of yoga mats they manufacture.

  • Committed to taking action when quality issues arise.

  • Handling returns are quick and efficient.

  • Capable to fulfill peak demands.

You will be asked for exclusivity by the manufacturer. It means as distributor services, you will distribute the yoga mats only produced by them and not engage with other manufacturers. Be clear about this detail before signing a contract. Think seriously if your distribution services can afford this constraint.


Wholesalers and distributors are believed to be the same. However, the business nature and operation are different. The only similarity is both kinds of businesses buy in bulk from the manufacturers.

Wholesalers are independent merchants without any concerns about exclusivity agreements, return policies, or marketing strategies. A yoga mat wholesaler aims to sell products to consumers or retailers. As a wholesaler, you need to look for a yoga mat manufacturer in China that -

  • Have established a reputation in the market offering top-quality yoga mats. [wholesalers have no marketing resources like the distributors, so it is best to consider a brand that stands out]

  • Can offer yoga mats in different varieties and premium qualities. Diversity is essential to cover each client’s needs.

  • Be prepared to offer fixed discounted rates even when order volume changes but fulfills minimum order quantity.

  • Offers prices, which work well with customers and retailers after adding your overheads, logistics, and mark-up.


Manufacturers hardy engage with retailers as the order volume is low. However, there are some manufacturers in China you can approach if you own a fitness center or sports goods store. Zhejiang Sunrise yoga mat manufacturer in China has 20 years of experience in manufacturing sporting goods. If you are in retailing business then look for a yoga manufacturer who -

  • Offers minimum quantities and you can manage to sell fast in the store.

  • Can facilitate logistics from China to your overseas location. The international import and export duties can be a lot but some manufacturers bundle all orders in a single shipment to save costs.

  • Capable to fulfill timely deliveries.

  • Consider your inputs. You engage directly with customers, so you understand the features they value. It is what influences them to purchase yoga mats from your retail store.

  • Respects you as their partner. Manufacturers who view retailers as a partner will always handle your needs even if they are minimal.

Not just your distribution channel, but even the way you do business must connect with the potential yoga mat manufacturer.

Business model types

  • Ecommerce - If your business model is an online website then you need a yoga mat manufacturer that is keen to offer a deep insight into the product they manufacture. Because online customers depend on information like yoga mat specifications and limitations. From these details, they can determine to buy the specific kind of yoga mat needed. Vague answers don’t satisfy customers and you can miss a sales opportunity.

  • Physical stores - Physical stores are at risk when deliveries are untimely. Buyers never care about the manufacturer's name but remember from where they purchased it. Therefore, look for yoga mat manufacturers, who offer premium quality yoga mats on time.

  • Dropshipping - In a dropshipping model, the vendor does not need a warehouse for the storage of inventory. The manufacturer holds the product until the wholesaler or retailer makes a sale. The vendor sends the sales information when customers purchase yoga mats to the manufacturer, who delivers it directly to the customer. Choose a manufacturer that has customers in your market or location. For manufacturers, the dropshipping model only works if they can deliver in bulk at one go. If they serve a single customer of yours then the shipment can be costly for them.

  • Warehouses - If your business needs a storage facility then consider flexible manufacturers. They need to fulfill your peak season demands and at low seasons approve low minimum orders. You cannot hold a lot of inventory when demand is lowest. At the same time, during peak season you need to satisfy customer demand.

Know the varieties of yoga mats available

Yoga mats are classified according to their materials. The custom yoga mats popular in the market are -

  • Natural rubber yoga mat

  • EVA yoga mat

  • PVC Yoga mat

  • PU yoga mat

  • TPE yoga mat

  • Cork yoga mat

  • NBR yoga mat

  • Jute yoga mat

Every material has unique features. The yoga mats designed are non-toxic, sustainable, eco-friendly, antimicrobial, biodegradable, easy to clean, light-weight, comfortable, soft texture, moisture-resistant, grippy, and look elegant.

Learn the material qualities of the varieties you order from the yoga mat manufacturer in China to gain an edge while marketing.

Identify your yoga mat purchasers

Understanding your target market demographics helps to ensure that the manufacturer you choose will create yoga mats suitable to their penchant. Basically, the young age group between 20s and 30s are target demographics. These are the ones who are health & fitness freaks. They have the income to get enrolled at some yoga classes and buy clothes and accessories suitable for yoga activities.

Now, you know what to look for in a yoga mat manufacturer to partner with. You also need to identify your target market and the type of yoga mats they will prefer. Best luck in your search for a reliable yoga mat manufacturer in China!

Things to Consider Before Looking for A Reliable Yoga Mat Manufacturer in China
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